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APS Property Maintenance has an unrivaled reputation for providing award-winning home cleanings. Here is a story worthy of your time on how APS came to be.

APS Property Maintenance is a professional and reliable company that operates in Edmonton and surrounding areas such as Saint Albert, Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park, and Leduc serving its VIP clientele to the highest level. We Specialize in high-end luxurious home cleaning. This includes a list of luxury services including;  window cleaning, pressure washing, eavestrough cleaning, and snow removal. We Believe in offering peace of mind to our clients through convenience, reliability, accountability, and high quality of work every time no matter what. 


APS first came to be when the two founders were in college. They were in school for business and one day, one of the owners’ parents had hired a cleaning company to service their home. The service they inquired about originally was window cleaning. The family had a beautiful home, a home that they took pride in. Loved hosting events, and it was also a home that made them feel proud of their accomplishments. When they were given the quote for the service, they were shocked at how cheap it was but they said nothing and waited for the job to be completed.


After company  XYZ had left, the parents had realized that this company had done a very poor job of cleaning and when they had tried to get in touch with them, they were shrugged off and nothing happened. “What a rip-off,” they thought. However, they decided to move on and hire a second cleaning company to do the same job hoping for different results. The results ended up being the same as they were with the first company. A cheap quoted price for the cleaning and sure thing, a cheap and poor cleaning job was performed. As the child of the homeowner, he understood that his family wanted the best of the best and nothing less than that would be acceptable. People want things done efficiently and gracefully by well-qualified technicians. The two original founders began to think: “Why don’t we come up with a cleaning company that guarantees its work and provides a breathtaking service.” And thus, APS Property Maintenance | Edmonton Window Cleaners was born on the foundation of excellence. This meant we had to put in place a specific set of core values that our entire reputation would be based upon. Our core values are Loyalty, Excellence, Teamwork, Be Positive, Be the best of the best. These core values are more than just words to us, they are our company's entire philosophy. 


The two owners persisted with their goals and ideals and after a few years have Built a clientele list that consists of many respectable clients including some of the most reputable home builders and high-end dealerships in the city like Audi, Mercedes, & BMW who have fallen in love with the convenience and quality of work that APS has proven time and time again to provide. Our quality of work is remarkable and has allowed APS to dominate the home services industry. We understand that you take pride in your home, your home deserves excellence, and APS provides nothing less than that. 


We will show you what it truly means to have a clean home. Having a polished service and the most qualified and experienced window, gutter, snow, and pressure washing technicians in the Edmonton area come to your home, and cleaning it to your expectations is what you and your home deserve. Let us prove that to you. Call or email us right away and one of our Edmonton cleaning technicians will be happy to assist you in giving you a free quote as soon as they possibly can!

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