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We specialize in window cleaning which is broken into two components: Interior window cleaning, and Exterior window cleaning. Window cleaning has been the first service APS became familiar with when it first started operation. Over the years we have learned what materials to use to provide a streak-free window cleaning service, which pieces of equipment work best to help make our window cleaning stand out above all the rest, and what techniques to use to ensure our work in cleaning windows is completed in a timely fashion in order for you as a homeowner/customer to enjoy your property with an absolutely sparkling window structure.


Our pressure washing service consists of power washing the siding of your home or building, power washing your deck or patio, pressure washing your sidewalk or driveway. Pressure washing is used for the removal of loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, and dirt that is remaining on certain surfaces. Choosing this power washing service is sure to show your neighbors just how clean your home or property can truly be during the summer months.



Gutter cleaning is the process of removing any debris and build-up of materials in the gutter that would normally block the natural flow of water. APS has removed dirt, grime, slime, leaves, grass, and even plant life from gutters. Once this debris has been removed and placed into the garbage bags that we have on-site. We then run water throughout the entire eavestrough system to ensure proper water flow is maintained throughout the home/building this way no leaks or overflow will occur.


We know that snow, ice, and cold winter months can be somewhat frightening. APS takes snow removal quite seriously as we know if not maintained properly, accidents can happen. We want to assure our clients that no such accidents will ever happen so long as we are in charge of removing snow from their property. We care about our quality of work and more importantly, we want to make sure our client is 100% satisfied with our performance.


APS Property Maintenance Operates in Edmonton but also provides window washing services in surrounding areas such as Saint Albert, Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park, and Leduc.

APS first came to be when all of the owners were in college. They were in school for business and one day, the owners’ parents had hired a cleaning company to service their home. The family had a decently sized home, and when they were given the quote for the service, they were shocked at how cheap it was. They said nothing and waited for the job to be done.


After the company had left, the parents had realized that this company had done a very poor job of cleaning and when they had tried to get in touch with them, they were shrugged off and nothing happened. “What a rip-off,” they thought. However, they decided to ignore and hire a second cleaning company to do the same job and hope for different results. The same thing happened. A cheap quoted price for the cleaning and sure thing, a cheap and poor cleaning job was performed. So the two college students began to think: “Why don’t we come up with a cleaning company that guarantees its work and ensures a high-quality service is provided.” And thus, APS Property Maintenance was born! It definitely took some time to gain some credibility as our line of work was not to be trusted by most homeowners as they had similar experiences as the parents of the owners did hiring the company and receiving poor service. The two owners persisted with their goals and ideals and a few years down the road we have many respectable clients who refer us to anyone they know because of how great of a job APS can provide for them. 

We will show you what it truly means to have a great service and a great company come to your home and make it better than you ever could have imagined. Let us prove that to you. Call or email us right away and one of our analysts will be happy to assist you in giving you a free quote as soon as they possibly can!

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