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APS Property Maintenance is now offering Christmas light installation and takedown services! Get into the holiday spirit without having to do all the tedious work that comes with it by allowing APS to install those troublesome Christmas lights for you! We are more than happy to install lights on every type of home no matter the size or style of the roof. APS will come to your door, find out exactly what kind of theme or design you want to create with your lights, then they get to work and make your vision come true! Our team is fully stocked with the right equipment and experience to be able to handle any number of light installations for you and your family this holiday season. APS will ensure you are 100% satisfied with the way the design of your lights looks before we leave your property. We guarantee your home will look stunning and unique compared to the other houses after we have finished setting up your lights display. All we need from you is for you to stay inside, stay close to the fire and enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate. The great thing about using our service is that not only do we install your lights, but we come and take them down after the winter holidays are over. Keeping lights up on the house year-round will result in the product not lasting as long as it should due to the constant elements of nature, causing you(the homeowner) to have to purchase brand new lights way sooner than expected. (average Christmas lights expectancy is 5-10yrs) Once APS has installed your lights for you for the very first time, you will want us to handle your light installations and takedowns for you for consecutive years to come because you will notice that we are professional, experienced, and safe when it comes to showing off your beautifully lit home during the winter festive season! Your home deserves the best! Your home deserves us!

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