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Let's be honest. No one likes shoveling snow in the cold. Good thing APS loves to shovel the snow! During the winter months, APS changes gears from window cleaning and focuses on clearing the snow from driveways, sidewalks, residential homes, and commercial businesses throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas. APS is unique when it comes to handling our snow removal contracts. We ensure that the property is cleared to specific parameters ensuring no snow remains after each clearing. Our number one priority is arriving at each house in a timely manner. Regardless of how little or how much it snows, APS will respond to a snowfall within 24 hours after the snow has stopped falling. If the amount of snow accumulates dramatically within a day. APS will respond by sending out its licensed technicians during the snowfall to ensure the snow does not exceed more than 5-10cm of snow being left on the property.

We have our clients on a rotating schedule so that each home will periodically be cleaned throughout different times of the day to guarantee each client has a chance of being the first home of the day to have their snow cleared rather than always being last on the list. 

Some of the reasons why you should choose our snow removal service are:

1. Hiring APS means you do not have to worry about ever shoveling snow on your property ever again. You know you are in good hands and that the snow is taken care of and that gives you the opportunity to relax in a comfortable and warm home with no stress.

2. Snow removal is considered to be a strenuous physical activity. It stresses the back and shoulder muscles which could lead to an injury if shoveling too much snow on your own. Hiring APS allows us to take the literal weight off your back and we then handle it with our trained technicians who work in pairs so that the weight is shared between them.

3. Why risk getting the flu or possibly slipping on ice and hurting yourself while out shoveling snow? Our technicians use proper equipment such as backpack blowers, snowblowers, sweepers, shovels, insulated jackets, gripped shoe souls, and other layers of thermal clothing to combat the cold and ice with ease. 


We know that snow, ice, and cold winter months can be somewhat frightening. APS takes snow removal quite seriously as we know if not maintained properly, accidents can happen. We want to assure our clients that no such accidents will ever happen so long as we are in charge of removing snow from their property. We care about our quality of work and more importantly, we want to make sure our client is 100% satisfied with our performance.

Call or email us now for a free quote that one of our many analysts will be glad to give out to you. Your home deserves the best. Your home deserves us.

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