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APS Property Maintenance offers eavestrough cleaning or gutter cleaning. Gutter cleaning is the process of removing any debris and build-up of materials in the gutter that would normally block the natural flow of water. APS recommends yearly servicing of your gutters to guarantee the preservation of the health of your eavestrough. Our solution to this is solved by signing up for one of our exclusive plans that offer you the convenience and peace of mind by building you a unique plan that fits your home's exact needs. We offer 2-5 year plans at a locked-in rate that guarantees our team will show up on pre-scheduled dates for the following years based on the agreed-upon plan. (go to “exclusive plans” to learn more).


 APS has removed dirt, grime, slime, leaves, grass, and even plant life from gutters. Once this debris has been removed and placed into the garbage bags that we have on-site which will then be taken off the property and disposed of courtesy of APS. We then run water throughout the entire eavestrough system to ensure proper water flow is maintained throughout the home/building this way no leaks or overflow will occur.

Gutter cleaning is an essential service here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada as our spring and summer months can be quite rainy and windy. This forces leaves, pine needles, the debris of any kind up into the air and then is carried onto the roofs of homes and buildings. Once it rains, all this debris is washed down the roof into the eavestrough/gutter which can cause a build-up or blockage in the drainage system. This can become problematic down the road as the blockage will cause an overflow of water and instead of draining to its appropriate destination, it will flow out the gutter and onto the concrete or walkway or in the path of where peers may need to walk. No one likes a pool of water that they are forced to walk through.

Some of the reasons as to why you should use our eavestrough cleaning service are:

1. If your gutters are not maintained regularly, water build-up can cause leaks, cracks in your foundation and even disrupt your landscape.

2. Gutter cleaning is a dangerous task that is performed with ladders and other safety equipment. Please leave this to the professionals that have been trained in their respective areas.

3. If your home has a shingle roof, dust from the shingles falls down into your gutters over the months. This can prevent proper drainage if not maintained.

Choosing APS for your gutter cleaning services is not only in your best interest but also your best option for gutter cleaning as we guarantee a clean and proper flowing gutter after our arrival. Our licensed technicians who are experienced with the heights and ladder work required when cleaning gutters have no problem cleaning the dirt away from your gutters so that you do not have to. Hire APS for their eavestrough cleaning service so that you can relax knowing that your needs are being met.


If you would also like a free quote for what it will cost to get your gutters cleaned, call or email us and we can get the quote to you in no time at all as our analysts are always eager to answer you and ensure your estimate is delivered to you as quickly as possible.

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