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We specialize in window cleaning which has two main components: Interior window cleaning, and Exterior window cleaning. Window Cleaning is the first service APS decided to provide to the public. They knew that people wanted a few things when looking for window cleaning. Streak free windows, dirt removed from frames and tracks, no overspray left from paint and most importantly NO damage left behind. Clean windows provide many benefits like allowing more natural sunlight into your home, improving your view, improving your image/business's image,better glass and frame health, gives peace of mind, and increases the resale value of your home. By signing up for one of our exclusive plans that offers you the convenience and peace of mind by building you a unique plan that fits your home's exact needs. We offer 2-5 year plans at a locked in rate that guarantees our team will show up on pre scheduled dates for the following years based on the agreed upon plan.(go to “exclusive plans” to learn more).Let us Brighten up your home day. You and your home deserve the best.


Although we do work quickly, we have a professionally trained staff to establish proper efficiency while they complete their work. We take pride in our work at APS and will always guarantee a properly cleaned home to our highest standards of quality.


Some reasons as to why you should consider getting our window cleaning service are:

1. It protects your windows long term. If your windows are left dirty for long periods of time, your windows become more fragile and can cause permanent damage to the windows.

2. Windows that are clean let more sun come through. Natural light can be a critical component to any room.

3. Clean windows contribute to the overall feeling of your home. Looking outside and seeing the world in what feels like HD can improve your mood.

4. If you're in the market to sell, it has a higher chance of bringing in above market value for your home.

APS considers that there are two KEY times to book our window cleaning service. The first time is right after the winter season, once the streets have been cleaned from the dust and dirt leftover from the previous season. See it as the perfect time to start your spring cleaning and schedule our Interior window cleaning and Exterior window cleaning and it will definitely brighten your building/home to a new level. The second time is right before the fall season.


A full spring and summer of rain, wind, heat, will take its toll on your windows and APS will come and clean your windows and make them streak-free for the winter months to come being stuck indoors. APS highly recommends that you book our window cleaning service at least once per year due to the fact that any longer period of time without maintaining the cleanliness will result in possible staining, damage, or dirt/mineral build-up which becomes more difficult to clean the longer it remains on the windows. With APS’s high quality of service, affordable pricing, flexible scheduling, and kind well-mannered staff; we are like no other window cleaning business out there.


Call or email us now and we will provide you with a free quote for your window cleaning needs and make sure everything is met up to your standards.

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